officize inc. is an office organizing company in Toronto that provides a wide range of services.


Document Management

Space and Storage Solutions

Moving, Office Renovations and Resources

  • Office Move Preparation and Assistance: We provide hands-on decluttering support to your staff in office move preparation to eliminate unnecessary documents and materials being moved to your new location. We work hands-on to pack and unpack as needed, survey and organize your new workspaces and common areas, and ensure that staff know where everything is.
  • Office Renovations: In office renovation or redesign projects, storage and volume needs are often overlooked. We become a valuable part of your design team, communicating ideas and solutions to key staff, architects and designers. Our role is to assess and evaluate your storage requirements and make recommendations accordingly.
    We project manage all aspects of the organizational elements of your renovation, from decreasing the volume of materials prior to the project, to packing and unpacking, to creating and setting up more efficient systems.
  • Recommended Resources: You may have outsourcing services in place already for shredding, recycling, scanning, movers, donations, off-site storage spaces, IT equipment removal etc. If not, officize inc. has strong strategic alliances with such businesses and recommended resources we are happy to connect you with.

Disaster Recovery

  • Preventative and Restorative Measures for your Documents: Office floods from broken pipes are more common than you might think. We are experts in damage prevention from fire, water, and theft that will save you untold time, money, and loss of important documents.We are available at a moment’s notice when disaster strikes.
    We handle all aspects of securing and rescuing your office contents, assist with fire and water damage restoration services and other disaster recovery, and provide reassuring support to your displaced staff to get your business up and running again fast.