What does officize organize?
Typically: paper, materials, equipment, individual offices, cubicles, store rooms, supply rooms, warehouses, staff kitchens, closets, storage spaces.
Why is it so important to have an organized workspace?
Because you feel better, work better, sleep better and function better.
How long does the average office organizing job take?
It depends on the scope of the job and the time-line. A single workspace can be dramatically transformed in three hours and a complete company overhaul can take months.
Do you provide an initial on-site consultation?
A 60 minute complimentary on-site consultation is available to any company looking for an estimate on an office organizing project. Designed to assess your needs, timelines and goals, officize will provide a written quotation within 48 hours.
How many employees does a typical officize client have?
Usually we work with companies that employ anywhere from 10 to 300 people.
Do you give company presentations?
Often a presentation is given to introduce the service to staff. We demystify the organizing process, alleviate misconceptions and get staff excited about the prospect of clearing out and starting fresh.
Do you always need a staff member present?
For decision making yes, but for actual organizing, no. To honour your valuable time we schedule short decision making sessions so everyone can get back to work as soon as possible. We can easily organize workspaces around staff or while they’ve stepped out for a meeting.
Who makes the decisions about what to keep and what can go?
Appropriate staff members do. officize does not make decisions on your company’s behalf. We work in collaboration with your team to assess materials and their level of importance.
Do you offer maintenance sessions?
We create relationships with clients, often returning on a regular basis over years to maintain processes and systems. We also see them through transitions such as: moves, renovations and mergers.
Do you organize home offices?
We sure do. We are often asked to organize a client’s home office, and we are more than happy to do so.